Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a campaign?

Campaigns set fundraising priorities and build pride in our institution as our University community comes together to build a better, stronger Purdue.

We’ve launched this campaign because Purdue is demonstrating national leadership in offering higher education at the highest proven value—making a college education affordable and accessible to all qualified students. We’re uniquely qualified to build on our historic strengths and address major societal challenges and opportunities, such as the national call to produce more engineers and the need to develop innovative technology, to feed the world, and to produce well-rounded citizens and leaders.

We are seizing this moment in time—when higher education is in a period of self-examination and flux—to achieve transformational change: overturning the status quo to focus on student affordability, student success, and educational value; rethinking how education happens on our campus; and answering society’s call for solutions. This campaign is about equipping Purdue, in this singular point in time, to act and deliver on those opportunities.

Why Ever True?

The theme springs from the lyrics of “Hail Purdue!” and speaks to the loyalty and commitment our Boilermaker family has long demonstrated.

Purdue is ever true to its land-grant mission—always—whatever form that mission takes in any given era. We remain true to our purpose of providing education, research, and outreach opportunities for the benefit of the state, nation, and world. The theme also speaks to the consistency with which our University has prepared our students for success.

For the Purdue family, the theme speaks to fidelity, connection, and generosity toward a University that, in many cases, gave them a great education and solid start on life. From our Gallup-Purdue Index findings, we know that Purdue alumni register a higher-than-average level of appreciation for the rigorous education that Purdue provides, which is the foundation for their success.

What will the campaign accomplish?

The campaign will enable us to compete for the highest-caliber students and faculty and to offer them an environment where they can do world-changing work. That means we will be providing for more scholarships, more graduate fellowships, and more named professorships.

Through Purdue Moves, which this campaign encompasses across its three priorities—“Place Students First,”  “Build on Our Strengths,” and “Champion Research and Innovation”—we will see an ambitious expansion of the College of Engineering, advances in our Computer Science program and drug discovery, and the growth of our College of Agriculture’s plant sciences initiatives, as well as the College of Technology’s transformation into the Purdue Polytechnic Institute. We will also see the transformation of our students’ educational experience through active learning classrooms and increased study-abroad opportunities.

Of course, we’re always looking ahead for new opportunities, new ways to leverage our strengths, and new ways to contribute to our state, nation, and world. The success of Ever True will provide us a robust platform from which to look ahead.

What is the fundraising goal?

Our goal is to raise $2.019 billion by June 30, 2019. Specifically, Ever True will provide:

  • $400M–$500M for student support, including scholarships and graduate and professional student support, to ensure that Purdue remains affordable and accessible for a vibrant and talented student body.
  • $400M–$500M to fund a 50% increase in the number of endowed professorships, headships, and deanships, including named positions for early career faculty — additional support that promotes academic excellence and enhances the University’s affordability across the board.
  • $400M–$500M to launch the next great era in research excellence at Purdue — to expand interdisciplinary research across the university, to further our cancer research, and to increase Discovery Park’s impact and visibility as a preeminent research hub solving society’s grand challenges. A principal new feature of our research enterprise will be our Pillars of Life Sciences initiative, focusing on neurosciences and immunology, inflammation, and infectious diseases.
  • $300M–$400M to improve and better utilize Purdue’s physical infrastructure through renovations, as in the College of Engineering, and new facilities, such as the Wilmeth Active Learning Center, the Ag and Life Sciences Building, and the Honors College and Residences.
  • $300M–$400M in unrestricted funds over the course of the campaign, to be allocated where University needs are greatest.

How can I participate?

  • Help spread the word! Your voice is powerful. Share the message of #PurdueEverTrue and engage with @GivingtoPurdue on social media.
  • Volunteer. E-mail your friends and family. Host a party. Pick up the phone. Join our team. You can make a difference for Purdue!
  • Give now. Every gift matters, and every dollar makes a difference. Together, we are Purdue. Together, we will move the world forward.


Please send us an e-mail or call 765-494-2727. Hail Purdue!