Griffin Society

Annual donors understand that tuition and state funding provide only part of the resources our University relies on to move the world forward. We are ever grateful to our Griffin Society donors for their loyal support.

Griffin Society status is achieved by alumni and friends who have made annual gifts to Purdue for three or more consecutive years and by recent graduates who have given each year since graduation. To remain a member, you must give annually. If your membership lapses, it will take three years of giving to regain your Griffin Society status.

You may direct your gift in whatever way is most meaningful to you. Every gift – no matter the size – is important, and every dollar makes a difference.

Choose Your Passion. Choose Your Amount. Give Every Year.

Thank you to our Griffin Society donors for helping to build a better, stronger Purdue.
If you’re not yet an annual donor, make your gift today!

Loyal Support. Big Impact.

The griffin, which is featured on the Purdue University seal, is a symbol of strength. The impact created by the less than 40,000 alumni and friends around the world who claim Griffin Society status is powerful.

Strength In Numbers

Loyal members ensure this level of support year after year. The average loyal donor has been giving for 12 consecutive years – impacting the lives of countless students and shaping the future of the University.