Frequently Asked Questions | Career Opportunities

Do I need to email a new cover letter and résumé for each job that I want to be considered for?

Yes, you need to prepare and email a new cover letter and résumé for each open position that you would like to be considered for.

Where does my cover letter/résumé go after I email it to

Each time you submit your cover letter and résumé for an open position, Human Resources staff review your submission and determine if your background meets the qualifications as identified in the career posting. Human Resources then works collaboratively with the hiring manager to select candidates for the next stages of the search process.

How long does it take to fill career opportunities?

The timeframe for filling open positions varies and is dependent upon several factors that could either lengthen or shorten the process. We put every effort into moving as quickly as possible; however, it is most important to us to find the right person to fill our career opportunities.

At what point(s) in the search process will you communicate with job seekers?

  • When you submit your cover letter/résumé for an open position, you will receive an email confirming that Human Resources has received it.
  • If your credentials are chosen to begin the selection process, you will receive communication inviting you to schedule an interview.
  • At the close of the search, all candidates will receive a letter thanking them for their interest and notifying them that the position has been filled.

How can I make myself more competitive for open positions?

  • Focus your search on positions for which you possess at least the minimum qualifications.
  • Customize your cover letter and résumé to highlight your directly applicable and/or transferable skills to the position.
  • Prepare in advance by learning about the Purdue Research Foundation and the University Development Office.

Why is the University Development Office a part of the Purdue Research Foundation?

The University Development Office and the Office of Investments transitioned from Purdue University to the Purdue Research Foundation on January 1, 2014, in order to ensure systematic efficiency and long-term sustainability, as one organization (PRF) now solicits, processes, and stewards all gifts.

What is the relationship between the Purdue Research Foundation and Purdue University?

The Purdue Research Foundation works to advance the mission of Purdue University. We work very closely with the University but we are not employees of the University. We are a separate and private entity. Purdue Research Foundation employees are considered associates of the University. More information can be found on our website.

Where are the University Development Offices located?

The headquarters for the University Development Office is on the Purdue University campus in the Dick and Sandy Dauch Alumni Center. Additionally, many of our staff are located all across Purdue University’s campus in close alignment with the academic units that they represent. The headquarters for the Purdue Research Foundation is in the Purdue Research Park in the Kurz Purdue Technology Center.